Let me tell you something about love. (Yeah, I know I’m 16 but ya girl’s been through a lot so listen up.) There is one thing that I have learned throughout my years so far and one thing that I will carry with me forever, no matter how many times love lets me down or lets me go. It is this:

Love fiercely, and with a fearlessness that scares away the misadventures and roars in the face of impossibility.

Dramatic? You might say so, but that’s to be expected because I wrote it. But true, and the key to living the best life possible? Absolutely. I’ve never ever had a boyfriend, so all love that I reference is this blog so far has been about friends and family. That means that perhaps the most tumultuous side of love has yet to come my way, but isn’t that incredible? That you can love so many different types of people with the same strength? I think it is one of the many wonders of life.

If you want to be loved (which I know you do), you must first exhibit it. I have my weak moments, where I get tired and fed up – but I never question why love is important. I get jealous and I have dark moments where I lie in bed and question why it has to be me. Why I had to be the girl with the big heart, why I had to be the one that has unlimited faith in love – to the point where I can say for sure I’ll never be able to express it. But maybe it’s so I can encourage others to love. Love with everything that you can possibly muster. Every emotional muscle, every heartfelt grip. Sometimes your heart will shatter. But all I can tell you is to love without a fear of that. Please don’t be afraid. I think if everyone took on this mindset about love, the world would be a much better place. So I promise, to the world, myself, and the people I love – I will always love. Even when it’s hard or when I think I can’t, I’ll love. It is all we have.

So in the spirit of loving and being loved, here is a little love letter to everyone that I currently love in my life:

To Momma: I love you for your caring nature, regardless of my annoying moments or frustrated feelings. You have a resilience that I can only hope I can exhibit for my kids someday.

To Dad: I love you for your understanding – for trying to understand me, even when we both know it’s impossible. Thank you for your endless belief in me, and for always letting me be a kid.

To E: I love you for your young & wild spirit that always makes the worst situations something to find light in. Thank you for always loving me back and being my best friend.

To S: I love you for your value in preserving what’s good in people and things. That may not make sense to you right now, but I definitely see it and I know one day you will too.

To J: I love you for your easy flamboyance and your grounding normalcy. Thank you for always being a giant source of humor and support in my life.

To I: I love you for your unlimited pursuit of adventure and hilarity, even when you don’t even recognize it. Thank you for making my life feel fresh and okay everyday, almost without fail.

To M: I love you for your depth and for being the person that I know, in any given moment, cares about my wellbeing. Thank you for being someone who helps me escape the madness, wherever and however it may be.

To K: I love you for your persistence and your boundless energy to help your family and friends. Thank you for having my back and telling me that I’m incredible when I myself see no reason to believe it.

To T: I love you for your undeniable loyalty and your incomparable companionship. Thank you for supporting me in my mental health journey and for showing me that it’s important to stand up for yourself, no matter how difficult it may seem.

To Myself: I love you for your heart. Thank you for the love, the joy, the pain, and showing me that regardless of the circumstances, failure can be valuable and love can be achieved.

Now you go do it. Love fiercely, and with a fearlessness that scares away the misadventures and roars in the face of impossibility!!!

(What can I say? Just the way I am, honey.)


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