I am the master of being a perfectionist. I feel like people who aren’t don’t really get it. But for me, the fact that I’ve been a perfectionist forever means that I want everything I do to be perfect. I want to be the perfect friend, the perfect daughter, perfect sister, and it gets bad when it bleeds into your career. That’s when it can affect your mental health. I feel that I have to be the perfect singer, musician, producer, creator, writer, student, etc.

A significant turn of events this week reminded me that nothing I do can ever be absolutely perfect, and that means I’ll never be perfect either. It’s just the way life works. So I don’t know why you’re reading this, but maybe you’re going through something and this concept will help you in the way you approach it. Here’s the concept:

You are not perfect. You never will be, so stop trying so hard to be perfect and start trying to be yourself. Be the best version of yourself that you can possibly imagine. Think of all of the things about yourself that you love. Maybe it’s your wisdom, or your carefree spirit. Your passion or your spontaneity. Whatever it may be, just focus on utilizing it to the best of your ability. Make it seen, make it known, because not everyone is going to look at you and think, “She’s perfect,” or, “He doesn’t have any problems.” You can never guarantee that. But you can guarantee that people will see the real you (if you act like the real you.) So stop pretending to be perfect, stop pretending to be someone you’re not.

And hey, if anyone doesn’t like the person you are then why do they deserve to have you? Everyone has a place, but nobody has perfection. Embracing that will get you a lot farther than a perfectionists’ mentality, and that’s something I’ll have to keep relearning for a long time. So, I hope you and your perfect imperfection will accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed of.


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