Fighting the Inevitable


I know, it’s hard! You get into that situation, and all you want to do is say something to try and make people realize why your personality made you do something that you’re now embarrassed about.

I typically try to apologize for my sensitivity, or my way of loving people (a.k.a. giving people everything because I love them so much.) But stop apologizing, please.

Your sensitivity, your kind nature, your giddy energy, your bright optimism – ¬†they’re all things that the world needs more of. It doesn’t mean that they’re always good parts of the situation. But they’re always parts of you, and when those parts show, it just means you’re being yourself.

So stop apologizing to the people who don’t get it, and never will. Stop apologizing to the people that blame everyone else for their problems, and don’t know what it’s like to feel as if you’re screwing up the lives of your loved ones all the time. Stop apologizing for the anxiety that makes you thoughtful, or the depression that gives you a greater appreciation for the times of genuine happiness.

None of it is embarrassing or bad. Sometimes it feels like that, but you don’t have to perpetuate that false belief. It’s not bad. It’s just you. So don’t give it up, and don’t try to cover it up in front of people. Don’t fight the person that you inevitably are and will continue to be.


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